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Calvert Charter for

Enriched Studies

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The Koala Chronicle

⇒Parent Welcome Letter


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Calvert Charter


for Enriched Studies



          Welcome to the Home of the Koalas!!!


Mission Statement and Vision


Calvert Charter for Enriched Studies is a student centered institution, focusing on excellence, producing students who are life-long learners, literate, culturally sensitive, morally responsible, and prepared to be leaders of the future.

Calvert provides a place where parents, staff, and students share in the responsibility of a learning environment of trust and mutual respect. All stakeholders effectively communicate, collaborate, and support the high academic and behavior standards to ensure that all students achieve their greatest moral, social, and academic potential to become productive, thinking members of society.

From Mrs. Evans

Dear Calvert Families and Friends-

    It is hard to believe it is already November. Just last week we were experiencing record breaking heat and now the weather truly feels like fall. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I look around and see so many things for which I can be thankful. 


    Thank you to everyone that works tirelessly to make Calvert a wonderful place to grow and learn: our PTA, Calvert Green, SSC, ELAC, parent volunteers, teachers, office staff, nurse, custodial team, paraprofessionals, and cafeteria staff. Calvert is truly blessed to have such an amazing  group of people committed to one thing - creating the best possible learning experience for our cildren. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Blessings to you all,

Amanda Evans, Principal


⇒Parent Welcome Letter

Paper Drive Contest

We will be holding a paper drive contest starting on Monday, November 6th.


We are asking students to bring  in a ream or reams of paper to their classroom.


The classrooms that bring in the highest amount of reams of paper in Grades K-1, Grades 2-3,

and Grades 4-5 will win an ice cream sundae party for their class.


The paper drive contest will end by 2:30pm on Thursday, November 16th.


The ice cream sundae party will take place on Friday, November 17th

Parent Survey

The annual parent surveys are either being sent home with your eldest child at Calvert or given to you at report card conferences. This survey helps our school report card. We ask that each family fill it out or take the survey online by Wednesday, November 15th. Every child will receive a coupon for the chance drawing for a Kindle Fire or a $25 Target gift card if the paper survey or online confirmation printout is received by Wednesday, November 15th. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts. 



Fall Break


Monday, 11/20/17 - Friday, 11/24/17


Winter Break


Monday, 12/18/17 - Friday, 1/5/18


Fall Membership Drive

“We invite every parent, teacher, and neighbor to join the PTA, as we work to make Calvert the best it can be for our students...our most precious resource.”


100% participation is our goal.

Membership is $10/person. Enclose cash or a check made out to Calvert PTA in the envelope that went home in your PTA WELCOME packet. If you need an envelope, you can get one in the front office.


Meal Application Process

All parents are urged to submit a meal application. This can be done online through the LAUSD Food Services website link or by completing a paper application. Please complete the application as soon as possible. While the application is being processed, you need to provide your child with a packed lunch or money to buy lunch. Everyone is strongly encouraged to submit a meal application, even if you think you won't qualify.


Meal Prices

$3.00 for Full Priced Lunch

$0.40 for Reduced Priced Lunch

Add Money to Your Child's Lunch Account

MyPayment Cafe LA Graphic.png




LAUSD Parent-Student Handbook

Follow the links below to read the LAUSD Parent-Student Handbook. You can read the policies and procedures for all schools within LAUSD. 


     Parent/Student Acknowledgement Form


     Formulario de Confirmación para Padres y Estudiantes Manual Para Padres y Estudiantes 




General School Supplies Drive

If you would like to contribute to Calvert's general supplies to be used by all classrooms, these are the most useful items:

Reams of white copy paper
Colored copy paper (Astrobrights)
Clorox wipes
Crayola colored pencil
Dry erase markers
Pencil sharpeners

Understanding the Common Core Standards

California adopted a new set of standards. The common core standards is a nationwide approach to prepare children to think critically in our ever evolving society. For more information click the link...

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards - English Language Arts

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards - Mathematics

Preview of the new Common Core State Standards Test 

Garden Rangers Blog


Visit the blog at


Our Garden Rangers deliver our interdisciplinary garden-based education program that allows students to learn in a wonderful outdoor classroom- the garden! Our program offers students six introductory lessons about their school garden. Our program schedule allows all students in K-12 to visit the garden throughout the year. Students learn about the rules in the garden and develop their own, fun garden names. They also explore the garden and help it grow by planting new seedlings. Students learn about the different soil types and which type is in their school garden. Students explore the beneficial and harmful insects that live in their school garden. Climate and Seasons: Students explore the Los Angeles’ ecosystem and the types of weather conditions that different plants prefer. Students learn about the anatomy of a plant and learn to identify which part of the plant we commonly eat. Students work together to harvest and prepare food from the garden. The students care for and maintain the garden. This is the ultimate lesson. They can control the space through their efforts. Our Rangers blog about their work every week. Here are the latest.


LAUSD Title I Parent Involvement Policy

                                                                Parent Involvement

1. LAUSD will involve parents in the joint development of the LAUSD Program Improvement Plan by inviting parents of Title I students to participate in Title I Parent Study Groups at each Educational Service Center (ESC), in the District’s Title I Focus Group, and in school level activities related to the LAUSD Program Improvement Plan, including budget and program development for all categorical programs. The District will also invite parents to participate in special training to support their understanding of the LAUSD Program Improvement Plan and the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)...(click here for the rest of the bulletin) 


1. EL LAUSD incluirá a los padres en la elaboración conjunta del Plan de Mejora de Programas del LAUSD por medio de invitar a los padres de alumnos en Título I a participar en los grupos de estudio de Título I en cada Centro de Servicios Educativos (ESC, por sus siglas en inglés), en el grupo de enfoque de Título I del Distrito y en actividades a nivel escolar relacionadas con el Plan de Mejora del LAUSD, el cual incluye la elaboración de presupuestos y programas de fondos categóricos. El Distrito también invitará a los padres a participar en capacitaciones especiales con fin de apoyar a los padres en su conocimiento del Plan de Mejora de Programas del LAUSD y del Plan Único para el Aprovechamiento Estudiantil (SPSA, por sus siglas en inglés)...

(Haga clic aqui para obtener espanol)  

Library Wish List

The Scholastic Book Fair was a success.

The kids had a great time and library earned money toward books.Thank you for your participation! 

In the ongoing effort to expand our book selection and keep our library current, our Librarian has created an Amazon wish list. If you want to buy books for the Calvert library click the link below.

The Library will also take your lightly used, hard cover books for ages 5–11.

Support the Calvert Charter Elementary Music Program

Click to learn more

For information on how to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Calvert Music Program

please email:

Common Core Works From The Page to the Classroom

The Council of the Great City Schools has designed this Common Core Works website to provide member districts quick access to reliable information, tools, and resources for implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards. 
Click the link: COMMON CORE WORKS

Morning Drop Off and Driveway

The safety and well-being of our students is of the up,it's concern. Keeping this in mind, there are three areas which need to be followed to address this goal...

~Our school grounds open at 7:30am. Supervision is not provided prior to 7:30am. If you need to drop off your children before 7:30am, Creative Kids is a paid option that is available. Please call 818-471-7454 to discuss enrollment. Please do not drop your children off in front of the school or inside the school prior to 7:30am.

~When dropping off students please pull up all the way to the telephone pole before dropping off your children. This will allow the flow of traffic to continue.  If you would like to volunteer to assist during drop off and pick up please come to the office or call 818-347-2681.

~Please cross at the cross walk when walking your children to school. This will help Calvert to continue having a safe traffic zone.