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Calvert Street Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    enrollment information

    Staff Email Information

    Principal                                                   Steve Gediman                                                                       

    Assistant Principal                                  Janice Greenberg         Special Education Inquiries                                              

    TSP/Title I Coordinator                          Ruth Mischkot                                                                        

    Office Staff


    Office Technician                                       Marie Glowaski                                                                                   

    School Administrative Assistance            Damaris Mayorga                                                                              

    Parent/Community Representative        Mariela Sanchez                                                                                  


    State Preschool






    EnrollIng now


    Greetings Future and Current Calvert Families,

    For information regarding our enrollment procedures please click the link: 

    Application Procedures for Calvert Charter for Enriched Studies




    Mission Statement and Vision

    Calvert Charter for Enriched Studies is a student centered institution, focusing on excellence, producing students who are life-long learners, literate, culturally sensitive, morally responsible, and prepared to be leaders of the future.

    Calvert provides a place where parents, staff, and students share in the responsibility of a learning environment of trust and mutual respect. All stakeholders effectively communicate, collaborate, and support the high academic and behavior standards to ensure that all students achieve their greatest moral, social, and academic potential to become productive, thinking members of society.